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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  February 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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is rainfall on the coast in advance of that system. it's between right now. it's mild to warm, and a little bit cooler and temperatures 60s to near 70 degrees. i hope you're feeling much better. >> i feel okay. >> my voice is a little bit shaky, but i feel good. >> very good. good morning, steve. we're doing well as we get off to the east shore freeway. no major problems as we drive out to the macarthur maze. it's not bad. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza you'll see traffic doing very well. there's the toll plaza it's a nice looking drive with no major problems. also looking at the peninsula, we're off to a good start there with no problems on the san mateo bridge. the time is 4:30, let's go back to the desk. >> topping our news this morning, a home depot in emeryville vandalized last night protesting a deadly police shooting that happened
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hours early. alex savage joins us now how this peaceful vigil turned violent. >> reporter: the woman who was killed by police has not been officially identified, she was yyvette henderson. it says ripyvette, candles were lit here to honor the woman who lost her life. investigators were gathering evidence, dozens of protestors gathered behind the crime scene tape before the vigil. it was on the corner of 34th street. it was in the city of oakland, it was peaceful until some protestors marched over to the east bay bridge shopping center and that's where a window was smashed at the home depot store and the store was vandalized out front. the woman was shoplifting shortly before being shot just
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afternoon yesterday. emeryville police chased that woman after getting 911 calls. they say she was armed, she ran down the street into the city of oakland just a block or so away and that's where an officer opened fire leaving that woman dead. a witness to it all said the confrontation was quick. >> it was so fast, she apparently came right up to my car and then the screaming started and screaming her, screaming them, bam, bam, bam, and i can't tell you who shot first or anything like that. >> investigators will be checking with whether the emeryville officers were wearing body cameras at the time and whether they captured what happened. there will be three separate investigations into the shooting. oakland police will be leaving the criminal investigation because this did happen within the city limits of oakland.
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emeryville police will conduct an investigation because the officers were involved, there were investigations into the office as well. the gun belonged to the woman who was killed yesterday, what is unclear is whether she aimed the gun at officers and whether she fired shots, it's still to be determined. >> the time is 4:33. there's a deadly officer- involved shooting in antioch. deputies were serving a move out order as part of a domestic violence restraining arm. the man charged them with a knife and it forced one of the deputies to open fire and the man was killed. the antioch police and the sheriff's department are investigating. police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found near a burning car.
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>> reporter: this appears to have been a hit-and-run accident. we're here near able and millipedas boulevard. police are on the scene and on the road. looks appear to be skidmarks, in the distance there is a car that is badly burned. it's the body of a woman who is lying here in the street. now, a person called 911 at around 3:30 this morning saying that she -- that they were hit by a car near jaquelin and milipedas boulevard. they started driving in a neighborhood nearby and came to coyote street and saw a car on fire. the police officers were the ones who extinguished the fire there. they did find a woman laying outside of the car with serious injuries, firefighters were called to the scene.
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they weren't able to save her, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. they put up the crime tape. this was put into a criminal investigation. they determined that this was the suspect vehicle that was involved in the hit and run accident. at this point we don't know if the woman, the body of the woman was the driver or the passenger in the car. if more people are involved. we do know that police are interviewing the other person who was involved in the accident. so, it's still very early on in this investigation. police are going to have this neighborhood roped off for several hours. we hope to have an update later on in the newscast. back to you. thank you. jordan has executed two prisoners in response to the video, to the islamic state military group showing a pilot being burned alive. isis had said it wanted to
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exchange the woman for the pilot. the exchange never happened, after jordan demanded proof that the pilot was alive. they believe the pilot was killed a month ago. the video of the pilot's death is barbaric, it shows him in a cage soaked and put on fire. >> it's something that even the most conservative regimes have not done, burning an individual, they crossed all red lines. >> jordan's king abdullah was meeting with president obama at the white house when this played out. they vowed to redouble efforts to fight isis. he cut history short and returned to jordan.
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the national transportation safety board is investigating a crash of a train that killed people. the rail line says that the driver of a jeep cherokee got stuck on the tracks when the crossing gates came down around. as she tried to move off the train hit her and the driver was killed and six people on the train were also killed. >> the first two cars came through so it was quite terrifying. >> it was hard to say what i saw on that front train is something i will never forget. it was completely charred and burned. >> the force of the crash called the electrified third rail to buckle and pierce the train. six people died on the train and 12 were hurt. they plan to put an
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elevator in the bridge span. there are problems with the elevator's door and drive shaft. the elevator is designed to get maintenance workers to the top of the tower and was supposed to be used to show the unique view of the bay for investors. the manufacturer will fix the problem because it's under warrant e. this is a review of the wing to be loaded on to ships at oakland. a group that represents exporters of agricultural products is warning for a port shut down. it blames a 8 month contract battle between shipping companies and their workers. they expect the pacific association to log out during the weekend and the workers could log out before then. >> it appears that the chances of the port actually shutting
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down are probably greater now then they have been at any time since the contract expired at the end of june. >> the pacific maritime association tells ktvu it is still negotiating with the longshoremen but the two sides remain far apart on crucial issues. however, they're still hopeful fa agreement can be reached. the university of berkeley is celebrating a milestone for a campus landmark. the campanele is 100 years ago and they had a special music and light show, musician inside the light tower performed a composition called natural frequencies. and a measurement measures the fault and this represents the perfect blend of science and music. >> it marks the center of the
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community because one of the concerns we all share is about earthquakes, it's a subconscious concern and the tower helps us come together and share our concern consciously. >> uc berkeley will hold other events to celebrate the tower for the year. for six weeks. don mason looked to buy tickets, and he bought two power ball numbers instead. he won the number of numbers. he matched everything, but the power ball number. this is ticket is worse $1.4 million. not too bad. he said he's going to buy a house, start a college fund for his kids. tonight's power ball jackpot is up to $317 million. >> that's a lot of money. >> it's a lot of money. >> the time now is 4:40, new
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developments of the body parts found in the suitcase in san francisco. the reason why the suspect was released from jail late last night. >> next, hear from a mother she and her baby was kicked off a plane after she made a sarcastic remark to a flight attendant. we're off to the commute if you're looking for a good start. northbound 101 looks good to the downtown area. >> the weather looks good right now except for fog. we have thick fog before we talk about what looks to be northbound rain. but, that's not until tomorrow. more on that.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:44, the alameda sheriff's department has a arrested a man accused of sexual assault. it's a black male, six feet tall with a flattop haircut.
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he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and black tennis shoes at the time. they captured this blurry image of the suspect. the assault happened on sunday inside the 99-cent store in mission boulevard in hayward. the girl was 8 years old. her mother was shopping in another aisle of the store when the attack happened. a said pediatrician is said to have possessed child pornography, and carlos miranda was arrested yesterday at the health clinic where he worked. a woman discovered the camera hidden inside a flour arrangement. police served a search warrant where he is being charged with child pornography. more information is coming out regarding a east bay rapper who was shot dead yesterday.
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friends of dominique newdone called "the jacka" paid a memorial to him. he was with his friends when at least one gunman opened fire hitting him in the head. >> he was always positive, even in his darkest night. he always shared light. to me, that's what i'm going to remember more than anything. >> he was a rapper who did not glamorize the criminal lifestyle. one his influences was marvin gay. >> lance armstrong is in trouble with the law. he's been cited to are leaving the scene after hitting two parked cars in late december. armstrong let his girlfriend take the blame to avoid the national attention. she told police they were heading home when she lost control of their gmc u. conn. on icy roads and clipped a couple of cars. he faces fines and possible
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jail time. a mother was claiming she was thrown off a frontier airlines flight after making a sarcastic remark to an attendant. she was getting seated on a connecting flight in denver when a flight attendant said she needed to remove her five- month old son in from the dare year. it's never been an issue and the flight attendant said it was not an faa approved restraint from flying. >> i said, of course, i'm going to comply, you're the queen of this airplane, i'm going to do whatever you tell me to do. >> now, accordingly, that's when the flight crew told her to get off the plane. she had to purchase another ticket for a different flight.
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frontier airlines are standing behind that saying she was beligerent and argumentative. i don't know if you've driven eastbound on the bay bring, it says there's only one sal. >> there's only one sal. >> that's not what it says, is it? >> that's what it says. >> come on sal, you don't know. >> i haven't seen it. people have told me, they always say, there's a billboard with your picture on it. >> i'd take a photo when i was coming, but i'm driving, and it wouldn't be safe. >> very good, pam. >> i know it's there, i haven't seen it. i know you're not lying. i haven't seen it yet. good morning, let's get a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound bay bridge, it's moderately heavy and the rest of the lanes are light. i'm not sure why there's a backup in the two left lanes, but there is. it's busy this morning. no major problems driving from downtown down to hayward.
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and if you're on the peninsula we're off to a good start. 101 and 280 they're looking very nice. it's much better than my voice sounds. the time is 4:48. our clock is back! >> thank goodness. >> i know. >> we had 15 people write me yesterday. hopefully they're happy today because we are. thank you, sal. we have some fog. let's talk about the here and now. there's thick fog out there so be careful. two systems coming in. what's the problem, steve? one mile is really wet and one is so so and one is not that wet. i think somewhere in the middle will be the end result. thursday, friday and saturday flash flood watch is for friday -- it's wednesday, north bay could see 4 to 8 inches and san jose may not even get an inch of rain. sun and clouds and fog, there
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could be a few high clouds, and there are observations at 4 and 5:00 a.m. the cold is holding the temperatures up. there's a lot of moisture streaming towards us. we'll have this system that we're waiting for. you take this layer of moisture coming from the hawaiian islands, you combine that with a 30 or 40 mile-per-hour wind, it won't be until thursday, it will start in the north bay, it may take awhile friday until it moves south. 40s on the temperatures, or 50s on the temperatures, it's mild, it's up to lake port 44, it wanted to hang around yesterday. it's not favoring anyone. it seems to be all over the place. this is all above not in town. it's 50 degrees. there's still warm air a lot of. hazy sunshine and the moisture will stream in here. we need to get that over here. there's a ripple in the jet stream, there's still a day
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away. tomorrow i'll tackle the rain totals. it does not look like much rain, it looks like a lot of rain for areas to the north. the fog and sun and clouds mild to warm. it's 67, it will be warmer down towards gilroy, not as warm as yesterday. temperatures 60s, low to mid to some for the north bay. it will be upper 60s 70s to the south bay. it's not as warm, santa cruz yesterday was 76. cloudy in the north bay, it may stay there until friday. the second system will be here on sunday. >> sunday in the morning or sunday at night? >> sunday morning. >> too warm to bring snow? >> snow level will be very high 7500 to 8,000 feet. there may be cooler air behind it. many of us exercise by running but a new study suggests it's far healthier to jog than run.
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>> i like it. job calls it yoging. there's a 30% risk of death than people who jog moderately. >> telling a marathoner not to run is telling people not to breathe. be aware there may be a price it pay. >> there's no way i run these fast miles. >> people who ran at least one marathon a year for 25 years actually damaged their arteries and were vulnerable to heart disease. >> wow, that is really interesting. >> all right. moving from running to cooking, and easier and more convenient
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way to get girl scout cookies? coming up, the new method and the reason it may not be accessible to everyone. is the seafood you're buying what they think. the new device it crackdown on mislabelled fish.
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. welcome back, a 20% water
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conservation for the first time in december. according to the numbers released yesterday, water was down 22% statewide in december, some of the lowest numbers were in major metropolitan areas including san francisco and san diego. december's rainy weather reduced the need for outdoor watering. 10% of teenagers report being injured from a girlfriend or boyfriend. there is teen day awareness month. it's to help educate teachers and teens to spot violence in relationship. violence in teens is not understood by adults, but it is seen by teenagers. >> you get a text at 2, 3:00
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a.m., it's what we see abusers doing to victims. teens who work in the state program they've seen students being abecaused. one of the biggest mistakes teens make is confusing jealousy with love. professor john paul at the university of south florida has developed a fish censor to find mislabelled fish. some is labeled as grouper, it's a different type of fish. it's costing the consumers $25 million a year. the professor says inventing the censor is not what we set out to do. >> we developed the technology to defect red tide, if you could do the same thing for
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grouper, it would not get past the door. >> it can be used to monitor different kinds of seafood. it's not cheap, it's $2,000 and will come out later this year. a plane crash in taiwan. dramatic video that captured the terrifying moments just after takeoff. rules on homosexuality and sex outside marriage, the controversial guidelines for teachers at some bay area catholic schools. good morning we're looking at a commute, traffic is doing well if you're driving north bound on 280 in san jose. temperatures are 40s and 50s, we're waiting for the system to move in. oh, somebody bark at the moon there. we won't be able to see it in the morning, but we can there.
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. good morning, we want to take you outlive where police are investigating a deadly hit and run crash. we first brought you this breaking news 25 minutes ago. you can see the scene live right now. coming up in two minutes we'll have new information out there at the crime scene. >> we'll have what's changing coming up. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. >> the rain won't be here until thursday. we have increasing clouds today, but before that system arrives, it will be another day of mild temperatures. fog, be careful there are thick pockets outer there. the full moon was yesterday at 3:09,


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